Blue Timber Bamboo - A most beautiful clumper

Bambusa Chungii
Can grow 30-35 feet with 2" diameter canes. Very Hardy
A powdery coating on both new and mature canes gives Bambusa chungii the alternative name of White Bamboo
Although we call this Blue Timber Bamboo, it is also known as White Bamboo. The name comes from the whitish-blue powder that covers the new canes as they develop. With an upright growth pattern and thin-walled culms, this stunning bamboo contrasts beautifully with the dark green canes of Seabreeze, Oldhamii or the attention-getting bright yellow canes of Sunburst, Asian Lemon or Hawaiian Gold. 

The white powder covering the culms comes off when touched
Use it as a centerpiece plant or create an attractive hedge that will mature quickly into an eye-catching focal point. 

This 4-year-old stand of Blue Timber started out with just one single cane when it was first planted in 2006.  Over the years new shoots appeared on the perimeter but, unlike many other clumping bamboos, Blue Timber shoots come up a bit away from older canes giving the clump a more open, grove-like appearance.
Blue Timber canes are gorgeous! Whenever visitors to our nursery walk through the "tunnel" of Blue Timber bamboo, they are always awed by the plants' exquisite appearance.

Two Blue Timber bamboos form a tunnel.  The bamboos were both planted 10' apart in 2006, each from one single cane.  Today they form a beautiful shady tropical oasis.
A close up look at the tip of a new Blue shoot

A long view shows of the shape of a four-year-old clump of Blue Timber. 
Also available is a shorter clone perfect for smaller gardens called BABY BLUE (Bambusa chungii barbellata) which grows 20 to 25 feet tall with slightly narrower canes and the same striking colors. 


  1. We purchased a Blue Bamboo in July 2010. We have been amazed at how quickly it grew new shoots.

  2. Where can I buy this?!

  3. We purchased 3 blue bamboo that were delivered one month ago today...the existing shoots have opened up tons of beautiful leaves and this morning we noticed our first new shoot; I'm certain it wasn't there yesterday, and is already 6 inches tall! Could not be happier with the Blue Bamboo from Beautiful Bamboo!!

    1. The fun is just beginning, Paula! Wait until you see how quickly that new shoot grows. Over the next couple weeks, take some pictures of you standing next to it to track its growth. It won't be long before that 'baby' shoot is taller than you are with many more new shoots popping up as well. Bamboos are such exciting plants to watch and the Blue Timber Clumping Bamboos you chose will add so much beauty to your landscape.

  4. I love this bamboo. How cold hardy is it?

  5. The tropical blue (Bambusa chungii) is rated to about 21°F. It will with stand colder temperatures with some damage. You can expect some leaf drop and possible cane loss at colder temperatures. As long as the root system stays warm enough, it can recover with new canes coming up in the spring.