Bamboo for interior design

A customer who ordered assorted sizes of our Domestically Grown Designer Bamboo poles to use as a focal point of their home's interior just emailed pictures of the finished project:

Hi Sherry, As promised, attached are the photos of the installation. Bamboo poles look fantastic! Thanks again for prompt shipment and high quality product.

Now we are thinking to plant some tall thin green plant in front of the bamboo poles. Is there some bamboo species that would fit the space and could live under artificial light?

I replied by saying that Dwarf Buddha Belly, Golden Goddess and Ladyfinger are three clumping bamboos that do especially well as indoor plants.  Also, any of our running bamboos would work well as container plants.  We especially like the way Green Hedge Running Bamboo, Yellow Groove and Black Running Bamboo work as container plants.  If 3-gal plants are purchased and repotted into 15-gal size containers, they will grow nicely, filling the containers in 2-3 years.  At that point they will need to be divided and reset into the same and additional pots. 

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