Photos of Seabreeze Mid-size Timber Bamboo - Bambusa malingensis

Below is a picture of Jenny standing in front of a 5-year-old stand of Seabreeze.  Seabreeze is one of the most prolific clumping bamboos sending up more new shoots every year than most other clumpers.  It also can grow to be quite tall.  This stand is about 40' tall with closely spaced culms forming a dense impenetrable cluster of canes.


Below is an example of how densely clustered Seabreeze roots grow.  Note the new shoots beginning to emerge from the plant base.  In less than 2 months those beginning shoots will have reached a height of over 40 feet.

The photo below gives a good indication of what a tall, broad clump of bamboo can form out of a single Seabreeze cane.  The plant pictured below is four years old.  Like all of the bamboos in our demonstration line, it started as a single cane in a 3-gal size container.  The secret to fast growth is to plant bamboo in rich soil, irrigate it and give it regular applications of fertilizer.   Do that and you will be rewarded with big beautiful bamboos in only a few years.

Below is a photo of a 1-year-old Seabreeze hedge. The three individual plants that form the hedge all started out as single canes in 3-gal size containers.  They were spaced  5' apart to demonstrate how quickly (in just one growing season) Seabreeze can form a wall of green.


A Bamboo Bike Frame

 A customers in NY shared these photos of a bicycle frame he built out of our domestically grown black bamboo poles. 

And a photo of the finished product - It's bam-beautiful!!