Is green bamboo good for building?

A visitor to our website wrote:
I love your website! I have a question. You mention that you have green, just cut, bamboo. Can you actually make fences, etc from green bamboo or do you have to wait for it to dry out? I’m just thinking that if I buy and plant bamboo, I’d like to know whether I could build furniture with it as soon as it’s tall enough. Thanks!

My response:
Freshly cut bamboo will turn tan as it dries and it dries rather quickly, usually within a few months. It can certainly be used for building when green but, like any wood, as it dries, there is shrinkage. If you use freshly cut bamboo canes you'll need to factor that into your calculations.


Bamboo orchid hangers

A customer in Florida wrote:
Thank you so much for the nice bamboo poles which I received today, and for the two extra poles especially. They are just perfect for my needs!

As I promised, I will take pictures of completed orchid hangers and email them to you.

I am glad that I found your business through Google.