Is green bamboo good for building?

A visitor to our website wrote:
I love your website! I have a question. You mention that you have green, just cut, bamboo. Can you actually make fences, etc from green bamboo or do you have to wait for it to dry out? I’m just thinking that if I buy and plant bamboo, I’d like to know whether I could build furniture with it as soon as it’s tall enough. Thanks!

My response:
Freshly cut bamboo will turn tan as it dries and it dries rather quickly, usually within a few months. It can certainly be used for building when green but, like any wood, as it dries, there is shrinkage. If you use freshly cut bamboo canes you'll need to factor that into your calculations.


  1. In the Orient and South America green untreated bamboo is used for fencing scaffolding and many other utilitarian and decorative uses. The species is an important factor in the final use of the culms.In most cases temperate bamboos dont need treatment however, the correct treatment and most importantly the selection of the bamboo culms is considered critical in the longevity of the final product. The canes should be 3-6 years old, the most attractive young canes are weaker will crack and may be attacked by insects therefore look for the middle aged culms. Its best to let them dry in the shade for some time up to months. We work with construction Grade Guadua Bamboo, also used for fencing and most every thing else, however this bamboo is susceptible to insects and checking. The process for treating and harvesting poles can be quite extensive. Environmental exposure can cause bamboo to fail.If the discussion is weather or not green bamboo good for building the answer is yes and no. The second part should be, which species and where will it be used, what exposure? Is the structure decorative, load bearing, permanent or temporary, will people or property be injured if it fails? The only obvious answer can be, yes it can be used decoratively for temporary installations. http://www.koolbamboo.com

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