Birds and 'boo

I hung one of my bird feeders from a Blue Timber Bamboo (Bambusa chungii) cane and numerous birds have flocked there to feed.

Below are a few of the many species I've photographed against a beautiful bamboo backdrop.

One of my favorite birds - a chickadee - came for the sunflower seeds

Two cardinals - the red-feathered male in the forefront with the less showy female in the rear

Two goldfinches on the sides with a chipping sparrow in front

Two goldfinches alone.   They must have scared the chipping sparrow away

Springtime in the bamboo grove

It's spring and that means the running bamboos are shooting! New bamboo culms are emerging at an astonishing rate.

Below are three pictures of one particularly beautiful specimen - Phyllostachys vivax huangwenzhu, which we call Green-Gold Vivax Timber Bamboo.

A broad yellow vertical stripe appears on alternating culm section of Green-Gold Vivax Timber Bamboo 

This young shoot is reaching for the sky as it grows upward through a window of bamboo leaves

Looking down at a newly emerged shoot from above.  In just a few days, this relatively small shoot will tower over my head and I'll have to look up to take a picture


Wind through Bamboo

A strong wind today filled the air with music as breezes blew through a mature stand of Giant Timber Clumping Bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii) at the original sight of Beautiful Bamboo nursery.

This short video provides a sound picture of the 'clinking' and 'clacking' sounds made when bamboo canes are rustled by gusts of air.


Bamboo and Elephants

Yesterday our crew was busy culling canes from a stand of Bambusa chungii.

Objective:  Remove enough leafy canes to fill a 12-foot long by 3-foot high trailer.  The canes would then be transported to Tampa where they will be given to elephants in the Barnum and Bailey circus.

For the next several months, canes cut from the groves at Beautiful Bamboo will supplement the diet of Asian elephants in the circus.

In the wild, Asian Elephants like this one in Laos are accustomed to eating bamboo
Photo by Shannon O'Donnell, www.alittleadrift.com

Ryan transports a load of freshly cut Blue Timber Bamboo culms 

Unloading leafy bamboo canes into the trailer

A full load of Beautiful Bamboo to help keep the circus elephants happy and healthy 


Customer Comments

Below are some of the many comments sent by Beautiful Bamboo customers:

Jennifer, We fell in love with your place and bought 2 – 3-gal bamboos. We’ll be back!  Thank you and thank Drew for us.  He was a pleasure.

Mike McK
Orlando FL 

Dear Jennifer,
They won't be back yet, but thank Donna and Ryan for a great job. They arrived on time (which cannot be taken for granted these days), listened patiently whilst I explained why I wanted the bamboo, and then carefully planted exactly as planned. Ryan (without openly cursing me) even dug up one bamboo and repositioned it after I changed my mind. Both took the trouble to angle each bamboo to get the best position, and answered my many beginner's questions.

And now a big rainstorm has just slipped by and missed us. Just when you wanted it.

Thanks again,
Milson B
Cedar Key FL

Hi Jennifer - 15 short months ago we had the pleasure of visiting Beautiful Bamboo. We were challenged with how we could hide a neighbor's recent addition of a 40 foot motor coach and shed. After a lot of research, we decided to go ahead and invest in bamboo. 

We selected 15 Graceful Bamboo plants and upon delivery by Tim to our home, we dug in and planted them. Following your exacting directions, and just over a year later, we are more than thrilled with the results. I have attached a few before an after images to show you how they are progressing.

We continue to be amazed at the speed at which they grow and how hearty they are. We are now seeing a new phase of growth and the new growths are now reaching 20+ in height!

I urge anyone in need of a natural privacy fence to look into bamboo ay Beautiful Bamboo. You will not regret it!
Michael and Grace
Lakeland FL

Beautiful Bamboo - The bamboo looks great. Ryan said we got "upgraded" to 10 gallon plants. He did a good job and is a credit to your company. If you are interested I can send a picture. Hopefully we can still get some growth this year.
Steven Anderson

The spotted bamboo is as beautiful as the "chunky monkey" - love them both.  And the reed fencing worked great.  Love my Beautiful Bamboo. Thanks, 

Hi Jennifer,I wanted to thank you for taking the time to show us around today and helping us pick out bamboo varieties for our upcoming project.

Since our portion of the Local food guide is about children's program we didn't include you in that article, however we had such a great time we included Beautiful Bamboo in our educational blog at spiceflorida.wordpress.com - if you would prefer we not use your name in the article please let me know.

Thank you again and we look forward to coming out again soon.
Ann, Joe and Ky
Orlando FL

Jennifer, Thanks for all your help and patience picking out our bamboo last weekend. It looks great and we  are looking forward to coming back to get some more varieties soon. Thanks again
David and Michelle

Thank you very much for the beautiful angel mist bamboo! It arrived in excellent condition! Wonderfully packed! Thank you also Jennifer who called me back one day after my e-mail. Getting to speak with you was a truly lovely experience. Jennifer mentioned when i asked her to pick me out a nice bamboo that she had already done that and he was sitting next to her desk. Amazing as i had not even purchased the bamboo yet. That brought life to the bamboo and made me feel like a truly valued customer.

It was especially wonderful that when ordering one bamboo online you guys at Beautiful Bamboo really took the time to do it right.

I love the west coast transplant you provided me and I will recommend as well as use you for any future bamboo plants and products that I may want.

I will send pictures along after he (Casper) grows up a little. I figured anything alive taller than me deserves a name!
Sincerely Happy Customer,
Curtis Lee Shaw
San Francisco CA

Dear Tim and Sherry,
Just wanted to say thank you - the bamboo arrived yesterday in great condition, well-packed and it sprung back right after it got out of the box.  It was well watered immediately after unpacking and will be transplanted into a large pot tomorrow per your instructions.  Thanks again for the quick response to my questions via email as well.  
Philadelphia PA

Just a quick thanks to you and especially Tim.  He is finishing up the 6 new bamboo I purchased, and I must say, he is really doing a fantastic job.  He is checking and treating and watering, very nice job, very happy.  Thanks.
Dr. Bruce
Orlando FL

Tim.....I want to thank you and Sherry for all the courtesies you extended to me in our quest to find the Bamboo just right for us. My assistant Shawn is planting it now and we agree the Asian Lemon will look super between the Oldhamii we have.  Thanks again for all the help!
Jacksonville FL

Hi Sherry,
I purchased some of your bamboo a while back to make calligraphy brushes. The bamboo is great and I made some wonderful brushes. Here are a few pictures when the bamboo was still green. I wish it would stay that way but it's changing into a beautiful golden color - which I like as well. Thank you for picking out some gnarly pieces for me. I'll be ready to order more soon.

Hi - Just wanted to express my pleasure with your delivery of the 50 7-gallon Green Hedge bamboo plants.  Tim was exceptionally polite and helpful with my questions, just as he was when I ordered on Saturday.  He offered several tips and showed me how to dig a proper hole for planting.  I should have the remaining few in the ground today.  The bamboo are all larger than I expected, and are as big or bigger than the 15-gallon plants I looked at locally.  Most are 8-12 ft tall.  If you would like I will send you pictures once and I am done planting, and will update you as they grow. 

Thanks again for providing an honest and helpful service.  It is refreshing to deal with a business that delivers what they promise at a reasonable price.
Melbourne FL

Hi Sherry and Ralph
We just wanted to thank you for your assistance in this project. Jennifer, James, Jessie, and Daniel were a pleasure to work with and the end result looks great...we know it will take some time for the bamboo to grow/develop, but we are off to a GREAT start...Please thank all your people again for us, as we are very pleased with the work. I'm sure we will be back for more and probably will have some referrals for you as well. Thanks again.
Chili and Deb
Orlando FL

I wanted to thank you again for the bamboo. Both Jennifer and James were very hardworking and conscientious in installing the bamboo. It looks really good and has already helped to relieve the depression from the big house behind us. I didn't realize how big and impressive the Seabreeze would look. We had some palm trees planted today and the yard has a nice tropical look now. Thank you again.

Orlando FL

Hi Sherry, I just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying our bamboo! My home office is off the kitchen and at the end of the kitchen is a sliding glass window that looks out onto the backyard. It is very peaceful to look out and see the bamboo swaying in the breeze! I am convinced it has already grown some ... and it likes the drip line hose that Brooks bought for it. Thanks again and I am so glad that Brooks found you!

Orlando FL

Sherry and Ralph,
I want to thank you for the Bamboo poles that I purchased from you. They worked out perfect. I made a canopy with them for my sisters wedding and I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks again,

Deltona FL

Hello all! I just got my order of 3"and 4" poles a couple of days ago and I am really pleased. So, thank you so much!!

Strafford NH

Hi Sherry! Just had to let you know how wonderfully your, actually, now, my bamboo is doing! I'm blown away! Not only did they spring back unbelievably from their "trip", within a few weeks, they both put up new canes! I had previously bought a couple of specimens from another bamboo company. No comparison. Yours are so vastly superior! Don't want to give you the fat head, just wanted to let you know you're doing a really good job. Your planting instructions were spot-on! The people at the other nursery said, "Just dig a hole and plant 'em. They don't need anything special, not until they're established, and then you might add a little 10-10-10 fertilizer." Well, let me tell you, I believe the cow manure made a huge difference in their progress, along with the obvious superior care they received on your end! If you ever need any testimonial, I'm your guy! Couldn't be happier, can't say enough good things about you and your product.

Ingleside TX

Hi Sherry,
Just thought you would like to see how well our bamboo is doing. Thank you for the beautiful bamboo. We love it!

Clermont FL

Hello - We bought a 1gal. Dwarf Buddha’s Belly last year. It had one new shoot .25 inches in diameter, and 18in long that grew to six ft long. This year, so far, it has 4 new shoots averaging about .75 inches diameter. The new growth is at the rate of approximately one inch in 24 hours. It is amazing to watch, it almost explodes out of the pot! Thank you, we’ve enjoyed watching it.

Sebring FL

Hello Sherry
Just wanted to say thank you for selling me the Bamboo. They all are doing great. Right now I am up to 15 shoots, some are over 6 foot tall already. And one runner, about 19 inches from the clump (Green Hedge).

Orlando FL

Sherry: Thank You for assisting Connie and myself this weekend. Our new Oldhamii is in its place of honor. Also please thank your son for his assistance in placing and helping to plant our new addition. He was very helpful and a very good ambassador for your company. The entire experience has been a pleasure. We will be back once we establish our Pool area for more of Beautiful-Bamboo. Thanks again and Regards,

Orlando FL