Is it okay to plant a ground cover under my bamboos?

A customer from the Tampa area recently wrote:
Sherry, my wife and I recently (June) made the drive from Tampa and purchased 18 Asian Lemon bamboo from your farm. We have been EXTREMELY pleased. We started off with a total of 20 shoots in each of the 18 3-gal containers. We now have over 90 shoots in the entire planting. Absolutely love it!

We are now looking to add some ground cover for weed control. I do not want to smother out new shoots or plant anything the will "compete" with the bamboo. Our planting beds are approx 4 feet wide by 60 feet long. We were thinking about lantana. do you have any thoughts or opinions or recommendations?

My response:
I'm glad to hear the bamboos are doing so well. Lantana would work fine as a ground cover. At the nursery we've used three different plants as ground covers around the bamboos - Wandering Jew, Ruella and Wedelia - but other plants will work fine too. You don't have to worry that the ground covers will smother or compete with the bamboos. New shoots will have no difficulty growing up through them. I'm sure Lantana in any of its many colors will look lovely again the yellow with green-striped canes of Asian Lemon.

Ruella coexisting happily beneath a grove of Vivax running bamboo.

Wandering Jew beneath a clump of Angel Mist


  1. hi the wandering jew I have growing looks different to the one you have pictured with the ghost bambool. Mine is all dark green with white three tier flowers.
    It is picutred here: http://www.friendsoflanecovenationalpark.org.au/GardenEscapes/Tradescantia_fluminensis.htm
    will all varieties of clumping bamboo thrive with this wandering jew or not? Can you please email me on rocknrollhonesty@hotmail.com thanks. PS I added you on facebook. mine is joeybackseat

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