Bamboo in large containers

Bamboo is an instant gratification plant and there's nothing that says "tropical paradise" quicker than installing a large container of clumping bamboo in your landscape.  Below are several of our most popular clumping bamboos in 15-, 30- and 50-gallon containers.

Our son Timmy is almost 6' tall.  These 15- and 30-gal Graceful Bamboos are between 15' and 18' tall

 Emerald Timber
Emerald Timber - well established roots, quite tall culms
Two closeup views of a 30-gal Emerald
One more shot of Timmy next to 30-gal Emeralds

Oldhamii (Giant Timber)

Very full, tall Oldhamii - also called Giant Timber - in 30- and 50-gal containers
15-gal Oldhamii


15-, 30- and 50-gal Seabreeze.  All - Very full.  Very tall.  Very dense. 
15-gal Seabreeze
A very full 30-gal Seabreeze - one of many large container bamboos ready to be create an instant tropical paradise in someone's backyard


  1. Can they be transferred from the large plastic containers to larger pots? Or should these larger, taller varieties need to be planted in the ground?

    1. You can do either. They can be transferred to larger containers or planted directly into the ground.