Bamboo in large containers

Bamboo is an instant gratification plant and there's nothing that says "tropical paradise" quicker than installing a large container of clumping bamboo in your landscape.  Below are several of our most popular clumping bamboos in 15-, 30- and 50-gallon containers.

Our son Timmy is almost 6' tall.  These 15- and 30-gal Graceful Bamboos are between 15' and 18' tall

 Emerald Timber
Emerald Timber - well established roots, quite tall culms
Two closeup views of a 30-gal Emerald
One more shot of Timmy next to 30-gal Emeralds

Oldhamii (Giant Timber)

Very full, tall Oldhamii - also called Giant Timber - in 30- and 50-gal containers
15-gal Oldhamii


15-, 30- and 50-gal Seabreeze.  All - Very full.  Very tall.  Very dense. 
15-gal Seabreeze
A very full 30-gal Seabreeze - one of many large container bamboos ready to be create an instant tropical paradise in someone's backyard

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