Before and After - Graceful

Ken, a customer from Tampa, emailed to say how pleased he is with the screen provided by the 9 Graceful bamboos he installed in August 2009.  Eager to create a tall, dense screen to hide a noisy A/C unit and provide privacy from neighbors, Ken decided to purchase 7-gal size Gracefuls instead of 3-gal size plants.  Bamboos in larger containers have bigger root systems, which can support more culms as well as larger diameter and taller canes. 

Sherry and Ralph,
It has been almost a year since we installed the Graceful bamboo I purchased from you. I have enclosed pictures showing the transformation in just 1 year! We are very pleased with the outcome.

August 2009

Three 7-gal Gracefuls were planted about 4' apart in front of a noisy A/C unit
The remaining six Gracefuls, also planted about 4' apart, bordered the fence.  Note the narrow planting bed in both pictures.
 One Year Later  
July 31, 2010

Where is that annoying A/C unit???
And the fence...What fence?  It must be behind there somewhere...
One more view of the entire fence line, including the now-hidden A/C unit


  1. We have a graceful in our backyard that has been in the ground since spring of last year. It has grown up and filled out, revealing why it is named "graceful". Being set out in the yard and not against anything, the mature culms "gracefully" arch up, out, down towards the ground, while the younger ones stretch for the sky. It is especially beautiful after a rain storm.

  2. It does look pretty after a rainstorm! Dave, if you can, send a picture of your Graceful. I'd love to post it on the blog and on our Beautiful Bamboo Facebook page.

  3. Thanks! I will do that. ......when it stops raining, of course.

  4. what is the minimum width I will need along my driveway to create a health hedge. I too am dealing with a large 2 story house. I was wanting to plant Robert Young. Currently the driveway is about 20' long and there is currently 9" of space between the driveway and the fence. will this amount of space allow sufficient height and density to get at least 18' tall and dense enough to become a true privacy hedge?

    1. Since Robert Young is a running bamboo, it would fill in the area; however, unless there is concrete on the other side of the fence, it would definitely spread under the fence into the area there. If there is concrete on the other side of the fence, it's still possible for the hedge to grow healthy and tall, but the small 9" space might reduce the growth of the bamboo.