The earliest "shooter" - Bambusa chungii barbellata - "baby blue"

New shoots in Baby Blue come out at an angle curving upward as they grow to form what ultimately looks like a coffee mug shaped plant.
It's amazing that baby blue is sending out new shoots in February. All of our other clumping bamboos wait until the weather warms up in May but not baby blue. It's ready to emerge from its winter slumber in mid-February. Even though the temperatures are sill in the 40-50s, Bambusa chungii barbellata - "baby blue" - is already sending out new shoots!  What a prolific - the most prolific - clumping bamboo!

Our daughter Jenny poses in front of a 3-year-old clump of Baby Blue.  Note how dense the clump - which started with just one cane - has become in just 3 growing seasons!
New shoots have a blue powdery tint       

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