A wedding chuppah constructed from Beautiful Bamboo poles

I just received this letter and photo from customers in Maine who purchased several of our 2" domestically grown Designer Quality Polished Bamboo Poles for a wedding chuppah.  Building chuppahs or wedding arbors is one of the most popular uses for bamboo poles.  This customer's design is special in that it incorporates a family heirloom for the top canopy.
Hi Sherry,

Thank you again for sending us the truly beautiful bamboo!  Here's the chuppah that my husband, Peter, constructed in Maine.  Then we transported it, along with our daughter's harp, to NYC, where the wedding took place at the New Leaf Cafe in Fort Tryon Park.  The chuppah had bouquets of flowers on the two front joints, but this picture was taken before they were attached.  If the official photographs have a good picture of the chuppah with its flowers, I'll send you that as well.  The covering of the chuppah was a tablecloth from the groom's grandmother, who died last year.  Peter got many, many compliments on the chuppah and it helped make the wedding even more special!

Thanks again!
Janet Rathbun (and Peter McDonald)





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