Using bamboo poles for interior decor

A customer from NC, Lexington Home Brand, used our 2” x 8’ polished black poles in a recent home show display.

Customers often ask, "Which bamboo poles should I use in a large vase inside my house?"

The answer is, "There isn't just one kind."

All of our bamboo poles – homegrown, imported, domestic-grown designer-quality - work well for interior décor. The key is deciding which type you like best. Your choice will depend upon the look you are after, your own personal tastes and aesthetic values.

Our homegrown poles are the most natural looking option. They are irregularly shaped and completely untreated. Homegrown poles are not as smooth as either the imported or domestically grown designer-quality canes nor are they as straight or even colored. Nonetheless, they have a rustic charm that works well in informal decors.

The imported poles are very traditional looking with smooth tan surfaces occasionally patterned with a natural patina. The imported poles tend to be very regular and straight although they occasionally bow outward and might have slight hairline surface cracks.

The domestically grown, designer-quality poles are the most finished looking. To achieve their smooth shine, freshly cut poles are dried in a low-oxygen high heat kiln. These poles are generally straight and crack-free although, like all bamboos, occasional fissures and bends sometimes occur.

Different types of poles as well as different lengths and diameter poles can be mixed together. Again, what you decide to use will depend on your personal tastes. Some people want all their poles to look similar while other people prefer a more irregular look with varying thicknesses of canes, different color finishes (like mixing black canes with the tan ones) and different length poles.

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