A Kissimmee resident takes the first step in creating a living hedge

Jason, a customer from Kissimmee, wants to block the view of a two-story house from the home he's renovating in downtown Kissimmee.  He planted his first bamboo yesterday, a 3-gal Seabreeze, with the intention of adding more bamboos to the landscape as the weeks go by.  Below is a photo he sent with his comments:

"hey guys, thank you for all your help yesterday! im excited about my new seabreeze and cant wait to see it take off. here is a pic right after i planted it. thanks again!

If, like Jason, you're intention is to create a living hedge but time and budget restraints won't permit you to install all the bamboos at once, you can still plant individual plants without worrying that the hedge will look uneven.  Bamboo planted at different times will catch up to each other.  After three years in the ground, all clumping bamboos will have grown to close to their mature height.  New larger diameter canes will keep emerging each summer but after the third year, those new canes will only be a few inches taller than the previous year's growth. 


  1. Hello, I'd just like to say that I absolutely love your blog. I'm a huge bamboo fan and I was so excited when I found your site. Keep posting!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you found us too. If you're on Facebook, check out our fan page for Beautiful Bamboo.