The excitement of watching bamboo grow!

I just received this email and photo from Gary, a customer who is growing clumping bamboo for the first time:

Hi Sherry,
We purchased 6 pots of bamboo from you and planted them on 4/1/10. Yesterday morning they looked the same as the day we planted them. Just like you said, here is the first shoot to appear in one day. 6 to 8 inches tall. Thanks.-Gary

Bamboo is an exciting plant to grow, especially if you've never grown it before.  When the new shoots begin to emerge in May, they develop so quickly.  Just as Gary said, one day you look outside and see no new shoots and the next day a bamboo shoot has popped out of the ground and is already several inches tall.  By the end of the week that baby 'boo will be several feet tall and in less than two months it will have reached its full height. 

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