Hello Doli! - Before and After photos of Bambusa dolichomerithalla "Silverstripe"

These "Before and After" photos just arrived in my inbox from Orlando-area customer, Andy Roy.  

Hi, Sherry,
I thought I'd share a couple of pics on the 1-year anniversary of our first bamboo planting.  I put these 3 gallon bambusa dolichomerithalla "Silverstripe" in the ground last May.  They put up shoots through November, but didn't manage to fill out with leaves until the last month or so.  Amazing transformation!  If they were just a touch taller, we'd already have all the shade we are looking for.  By next year, it will be mission accomplished for sure. So far, no new shoots this spring. 

Below: May 2009 from the deck
Below: May 2010 from the deck

Above: May 2009 from the yard
Below: May 2010 from the yard 

The bamboo Andy planted, Bambusa dolichomerithalla "Silverstripe", is a clumping variety that we have since phased out of production.  Although it forms a lovely stand and is cold hardy, this particular bamboo looks very similar to several of our other cold-hardy clumpers.  In our effort to make the selection process simpler for customers, we chose to discontinue propagating this particular cultivar.  We still have a limited number of 7-gal and 15-gal "Doli's" available at half their regular price.  If you are interested, call or email for more information.  Sherry@beautifulbamboo.com

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