Photos of Reed Fencing

Reed Fencing provides a lightweight, inexpensive means to transform an area from a blah to beautiful. The roll comes in 6' tall x 15' lengths.  The pencil-thin reeds are woven together with wire and are easily cut to with a scissor.  The Reed Fencing works well for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Below are a few pictures of outdoor setting in which Reed Fencing has been used.

A customer covered a chain link fence with Reed Fencing before planting a hedge of clumping bamboo in order to form an immediate privacy screen with a tropical look.  One year later, the Reed Fencing is almost completely hidden behind the live plants.

Here at Beautiful Bamboo, the double doors on our barn are faced with Reed Fencing.

Below shows the same door two years later after the fencing has weathered a beautiful silver gray (and a clump of Angel Mist bamboo has grown in the space between the barn doors and the entrance to the art gallery).
Here are samples of some indoor applications.

Reed Fencing used to provide a tropical look to a spa room as seen from the outside (above) as well as from the inside (below). 

 And the same room from a different angle.

The interior walls of the Art Gallery at Beautiful Bamboo are covered with Reed Fencing and trimmed with half-rounds of imported bamboo poles.


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