Photos of our own Homegrown Bamboo Poles

 Our own homegrown poles are not as straight as either the imported or designer quality polished poles.but they still work well for a variety of projects.  Below is a photo of the fence on both sides of our entry gate.  It is built out of a number of random diameter poles that were purposely cut at different heights to create a more informal look.
A close up, below, of one section of the entry fence.
An arbor built out of small (1" or less) diameter homegrown bamboo poles.
A simple fence, below, borders a flower garden with a bamboo bird feeder.
Below is a trade show display made out of our homegrown bamboo.
Another trade show booth used some of our freshly cut, green bamboo poles to create a more natural look.
Below is an orchid planter made from a short piece of our homegrown bamboo.


  1. Nice post. I really wish I could grow my own bamboo poles, but I am not sure TN soil is made for that.

    1. Most running bamboos will grow taller and have a larger diameter in TN than they will in Central FL. Your climate is perfect for them. If you are interested in growing some, check out our Specials page. We just reduced the price of all of our running bamboos and added a quantity discount for purchases of 10 plants or more. It's the perfect time to try an assortment of beautiful bamboo! http://beautifulbamboo.blogspot.com/2011/01/discounted-prices-on-select-bamboos.html