Photos of Imported Bamboo Poles

An end view of 3" diameter x 10' long Imported Bamboo Poles.  As you can see in the photos, there is considerable variation in both the diameters and the thickness of the bamboo walls.

There's also a certain amount of variation in the color of all bamboo canes.  In the Imported Bamboo, the canes tend to be shades of tan.  On the left is the 1.25" x 6' pole followed by a 1.5" x 10, a 2" x 10 and a 3" x 10 pole. 

 Above is another view of our imported bamboo poles beginning (from the left) with 
1.25" x 6', 1.50" x 10', 2" x 10', 3" x 10', 4" x 10', 5" x 10' and 6" x 10'.
While the four smaller diameter poles are a rice-colored shade of tan, the three largest sizes might more accurately be described as an amber-brown color due to the heat treating process and the particular variety of bamboo.  No matter what diameter pole you purchase, it is important to understand that all bamboos taper somewhat from base to top.  For more accurate size information, click on our BAMBOO SIZE CHART.
  Building a wedding arbor or "chuppah" is a popular use of Imported Bamboo poles.
 Popular items to complete the wedding arbor are bamboo hearts.  



Made out of slender tan-colored canes that have been heated, bent and fastened into a heart shape, the addition of bamboo hearts to a wedding arbor (or to any other application) is a simple, natural way to express love.

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