Unsightly objects? Make them disappear behind a bamboo hedge

We love when customers send us "Before and After" pictures!  The following letter and photos from a customer in Florida shows how quickly - in just one year - bamboo can screen off unsightly objects and provide a customer with privacy.

Hi Jennifer,
We bought 5-3.5gal buckets of "Graceful" from you a little over a year ago and planted them for a privacy fence. They have grown beautifully as you can see in the attached "before and after" pictures.

I use my A/C condensation to take care of their water needs. I get almost 5 gallons a day so they each clump gets about a gallon of water a day and they have good drainage. They seem to love it. I tested the PH of the water and its right about 7.

Before and after, notice the orange door and chain link fence are almost concealed. I have lots of new growth as I type this so by the end of year they should form a total privacy fence.

Thanks again!
Jim and Sonia

The customers wanted to hide a neighbor's unattractive chain link fence and orange door so they planted 5 three-gallon containers of Graceful Clumping Bamboo along the fence line

After only one year's growth, the plantings of Graceful Bamboo are already concealing the fence and orange door while creating a beautiful and graceful living wall of green.

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