Handmade Bamboo Headphones

Creativity comes alive when expert craftsmanship is paired with Beautiful Bamboo.

A customer who bought bamboo poles from us several months ago recently emailed us photos of his finished product:

Hi Jennifer,
It has been a While. I bought a piece of Bamboo around 6 Mouths ago. I have been working on this pair of bamboo phone, I had mention. During to the summer close down, I am not able to working on it for a few months. BUT here we got, I FINISH IT~

so I would love to share this with you.

Thanks all your help on the way, it wouldn't be possible without your help your beautiful bamboo.

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  1. Apart from furniture now days we are using bamboos for different products such as; bamboo watches, bamboo floors, bamboo smartphone cover and now here we have found bamboo headphones. These eco-friendly products are quite amazing and better for use; people are now days used to purchase bamboo poles from retailers and using those poles for creating different types of craft and here we have found a good example of using bamboo poles to make bamboo headphones.