New shoots!

Bamboo grows quickly especially when weather is hot and wet.

Bamboo in the background...wind chimes in the foreground...rain all around

We've recently had both at our Central Florida homestead and our many clumping bamboo plants have responded to the rain and high temperatures by sending out an explosion of new shoots.

The prolific Seabreeze Bamboo (Bambusa malingensis) sends out more new shoots than any other clumping variety 

The colorful green and yellow striped shoot of Asian Lemon Timber Bamboo are so pretty when they emerge

Blue Timber Bamboo is another prolific shooter with shades of pink, light blue and purple in the baby canes

It's always exciting to see new shoots emerge.  Even after 21 years of growing bamboo, I'm never tired of watching bamboo grow!


  1. I would love to have bamboo here in my Asian Garden. It just will not survive here in the Winters along the shores of Lake Michigan. I do love the look and always try to visit a garden with it in California when I am out that way. Enjoyed finding your blog. Jack

    1. Jack - Check out the Running Bamboos on our website: http://beautifulbamboo.com/runningbamboo.php

      Running bamboos prefer cold weather and many will thrive in your climate.

      Runners, however, are invasive, so they need to be planted in areas that can be controlled by mowing.