Not only people love bamboo...

It's true.  I do love bamboo!  I also love all the wildlife I see in and around our many bamboo-covered acres.  Below are a few of my favorite photos of animals - large and small - taking advantage of Beautiful Bamboo.

Blue dragonfly on emerging Vivax aureocaulis  


  1. I love bamboo! We live in northern Maryland and have bamboo on our property. Previous property owners have tried to get rid of it. I love how it provides shelter for so many birds and it's beautiful. Sure, I give it a few good "haircuts" a year and we have the annual "stompathon" for the pesky new shoots who pop up where we don't want them. It's all good!

  2. I like your idea of a "stompathon," Phoebe! Running bamboos like you have can be controlled by regular mowing, "haircutting" or "stomping" on new shoots. Here in Central Florida we are able to grow non-invasive clumping bamboos as well as running varieties. Both types are equally as good at attracting wildlife. Thanks for commenting!