YIN YANG TIMBER BAMBOO Bambusa emeiensis viridiflavus

Ralph recently thinned out one of our favorite clumping bamboos, Yin Yang Timber.  This 2-year-old line of four plants started out with a single cane from 3-gal containers when they were first planted.  Now, 2 years later, the four clumps have grown together into a solid wall of green.  A little thinning shows off the beautiful canes. 

Every year, the new shoots that appear during the warm summer months are larger diameter and taller than previous year's growth.  In larger-cane bamboos like Yin Yang, we like the way it looks if the smaller, more original canes are removed in order to showcase the more spectacular looking larger diameter new growth. 

The poles that were removed (shown in the bottom left image) are straight and can be used for building or craft projects.


  1. Mine is second year, still not seeing the new shoots, do you know when new shoots appear?

  2. Yin-Yang, like most clumping bamboos, doesn't begin to send up new shoots until the weather warms up considerably. May through November is the above-ground growing season for clumpers, with different varieties starting to shoot at different times throughout that period. Be patient. Your yin-yang will send up lots of new shoots this summer.

  3. Hi,

    Can you send new pictures of these bamboo ....I bought 2 plants in June in 3 gallon containers as single shoots.

    one of them now has two stalks with full leaves and has a new shoot this about 8 feet tall and growing.

    The other plant has two stalks with full leaves, a shoot that is about 15 feet tall and now has two more shoots coming out of the ground...one is about 4 feet tall so far and the other is about 6 inches....

    Is there anyway to keep them growing during the winter months...i live in south florida. I am trying to get them to grow as big and fast as possible and water them daily

  4. you don't have to worry about yin yang being killed back in the winter if you live in south florida or even in central florida where our nursery is located. no matter where you live, if you want to encourage more growth, ncrease watering, add organic matter like compost, manure, grass clippings, leaves, etc., around the base of the bamboo (it's okay if the organic matter touches the canes) and weed out any competing plants. in just a couple growing seasons your bamboos will be producing large diameter tall canes.

  5. This information is amazing ,
    we just bought three five galliaon yin yang bamboo , we were told the verity bambusa emeinsis Viridiflvus ,
    We treated our selves for our anniversary , to fix up our side yard
    out side our bedroom French doors ,
    I Love bamboo ! We bought the clumping verity for looks and privacy .
    I'm so in love with the look already . Thanks for the info on crass clippings and mulch that will help me out a lot ! And watering also .
    Sincerely Stacy

    1. I'm sure you will enjoy the Yin-Yang. I think it is one of the most beautiful clumping bamboos. What a great anniversary gift you gave yourself!

  6. We just bought three five gallon , bambusa emeinsis Viridiflvus
    Yin yang bamboo, we have lots of dreams for planting more around our On my way! , we started with our side yard for our anniversary ,
    My amazing Husband bought use three 5 gallons containers
    For our bedroom side yard as we have French doors that open up to a planter area ...we bought this verity for looks and privacy from neighbors as I love keeping the doors open for the breeze .
    I loved you tips on grass clippings and mulch & watering ..
    Thank you you answered questions
    I've been searching for for care .

    Thank you !

  7. Is YIN YANG TIMBER BAMBOO good for North Carolina? It looks nice, Thank you!

    1. Yin Yang won't do well in NC. If you are looking for a clumping variety, you might considerwarmer Graceful, Emerald or any of the Multiplex bamboos. They are all a bit more accepting of cold weather but even those hardier clumpers won't survive if temperatures consistently go down below 15-22 degrees in the winter.

  8. We bought five 1-2 cane planters of ying yang three years ago. Four of them had one cane each and one had two. We planted the five plants in a row the create a hedge and positioned the two cane plant in the spot that we wanted the most privacy. Three plus years later all of the others have 15 plus largercanes and are starting to grow together. The plant with two cane at the time of purchase now only has five small canes. Any suggestions to get this one growing!! Help...looking for privacy!!!!!

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    2. Soil, water and fertilizer are the key elements to increase new shoot production. I'd suggest adding a thick top dressing of compost, manure or other rich soil amendment all around the base of the Yin-Yang with only 5 canes. In addition, fertilize it with a high-nitrogen fertilizer. We can mail some to you if you like. Make sure the bamboos are getting regular water and then just wait a little longer. New shoots are only now beginning. The plants will continue sending up more and more shoots as the season progresses. Depending on where you live, clumping bamboos can continue to produce shoots through November. By the end of this year your hedge should provide the privacy you seek.