A patio display of bamboo poles

Perry, a customer from South Florida, sent the following 4 pictures of his bamboo poles purchased to create a very specific looking patio display. 

Because he lived over 3 hours from our nursery, Perry was unable to visit Beautiful Bamboo to pick out the poles himself.  Instead, like many of our customers, he selected poles based on our online photos and descriptions.  Once the order was finalized,  they were shipped to his location. 

Perry selected 15 of our 2" diameter Domestically Grown Designer Quality poles to fill 3 large outdoor vases.  He had very specific requirements that the poles be honey-colored as described on our webpage.

When the poles first arrived, Perry was disappointed because instead of having the honey-colored tone he expected, they had a slight khaki-colored tint.  When he called, I explained that the poles had been freshly cut and then "cooked", which is what brings out their shiny "polished look."

I told Perry that over the next couple weeks the khaki color would change into the honey tones he desired.  Sure enough, that's exactly what happened. 

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