Creating a serene wall of privacy

I received this letter with accompanying photos from Larry, a customer in Orlando who purchased two 3-gal containers of Emerald Clumping Bamboo in November 2008.  Larry remembers that when he first bought the bamboo one container had 3 thin canes, the other had 4 and both were only about 4' tall.  The plants have certainly grown in the 2 years since they were planted:

Here is how my bamboo looks. It’s a serene wall of privacy. I’m back to watering it every day and will be out to see you for another 6 pounds of fertilizer before the spring!

 The secret to my success was following your and Ralph’s instructions to the letter!
·         I bought
o   your mulch/planting mixture in which to plant the clumps into the ground, and the number of bags you recommended, and
o   the fertilizer you sell.
·         I watered twice a day every day for an hour until our natural rainy season got underway.
·         I fertilize faithfully every six months and still water once or twice daily during the dry season.

We were still in the dry, winter season when the first, new canes began to emerge … about three months ahead of when we expected them to.

The bamboo has grown into a living privacy wall and is a source of serenity, great pleasure, and pride.

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