Springtime in the bamboo grove

It's spring and that means the running bamboos are shooting! New bamboo culms are emerging at an astonishing rate.

Below are three pictures of one particularly beautiful specimen - Phyllostachys vivax huangwenzhu, which we call Green-Gold Vivax Timber Bamboo.

A broad yellow vertical stripe appears on alternating culm section of Green-Gold Vivax Timber Bamboo 

This young shoot is reaching for the sky as it grows upward through a window of bamboo leaves

Looking down at a newly emerged shoot from above.  In just a few days, this relatively small shoot will tower over my head and I'll have to look up to take a picture


  1. Yes, love springtime. I have a route that takes me on a tour through ALL the bamboo on out 2.4 acres which is (almost) completely surrounded by bamboo hedge. I do this daily when no working. inspect each plant to assess need for watering and emergence of new babies.

  2. Yes, love springtime. Assess each plant for moisture and for new babies. In Florida, the plants drink through their leave when it does not rain enough.