Bamboo leafs out from top to bottom

Gerry, a customer from Islamorada, FL wrote to say:
The hedge bamboo we bought from you is doing great.  There are lots of new shoots coming out of the ground and it's getting tall with a lot of full growth on the upper third of the stem. Is it OK to "top off" the tallest ones in order to encourage new leaves near the bottom, or should we wait for it to fill in on its own?

My response:
I would suggest waiting a little while longer, Gerry.  New bamboo shoot grow tall quickly then take their time leafing out beginning at the top and working their way down to the bottom.  Keep in mind that the above-ground growing season continues until November so you can expect many, many more new shoots to emerge before then.  Your clumps will be full and leafy by the end of the year.  At that point, if there are any canes that are bare at the bottom but leafy at the top, you can top them to encourage new lower leaf growth.  Keep in mind though that once a bamboo cane is topped, that cane will never grow any taller. 

New shoots begin to leaf out from the top and work their way down toward the bottom, a process that takes several months to complete.


Handmade bamboo chuppah becomes part of one family's marriage tradition

Customers who purchased our Designer Quality Bamboo Poles in 2010 to make a wedding arch for their daughter recently wrote to update us on the status of their hand-built chuppah.
Janet writes:  Here is the chuppah that my husband, Peter McDonald, made for our daughter's wedding in February 2010.  On Sunday, May 29th, her sister-in-law used it for her wedding, also in NYC.  This time it had more decorations and it looked absolutely beautiful!  It will next be making an appearance on December 3rd for a friend's wedding in New Jersey!  So thanks again for providing the beautiful bamboo!
Bamboo is strong and sturdy and makes long-lasting beautiful structures
A marriage begins beneath a Beautiful Bamboo chuppah!

Before and After - Seabreeze

Hi Jennifer - 15 short months ago we had the pleasure of visiting Beautiful Bamboo. We were challenged with how we could hide a neighbor's recent addition of a 40 foot motor coach and shed. After a lot of research, we decided to go ahead and invest in bamboo. 

We selected 15 Graceful Bamboo plants and upon delivery by Tim to our home, we dug in and planted them. Following your exacting directions, and just over a year later, we are more than thrilled with the results. I have attached a few before an after images to show you how they are progressing.

We continue to be amazed at the speed at which they grow and how hearty they are. We are now seeing a new phase of growth and the new growths are now reaching 20+ in height!

I urge anyone in need of a natural privacy fence to look into bamboo ay Beautiful Bamboo. You will not regret it!
Michael and Grace
Lakeland FL

Jason, a customer from Kissimmee, FL purchased some Seabreeze clumping bamboo in May of 2010.  A year and one month later, his small plant has sent up dozens of lush new shoots that are fuller and taller than the previous year's growth.

Seabreeze is one of our most prolific clumping bamboos, sending up more new shoots every year than most other clumpers.  In the above picture (on right), you will notice some of this summer's new shoots sticking up above the others.  Those are "babies" that haven't leafed out yet.  By the time they do leaf out, they will be full and fluffy just like the canes below.  And the above-ground growing season has just begun!  New shoots will continue to emerge from now until November.  Can you imagine how big and full his clump of bamboo will look by then?  I've asked Jason to send us follow up pictures at the end of the growing season and when he does I will add them to the blog.