Handmade bamboo chuppah becomes part of one family's marriage tradition

Customers who purchased our Designer Quality Bamboo Poles in 2010 to make a wedding arch for their daughter recently wrote to update us on the status of their hand-built chuppah.
Janet writes:  Here is the chuppah that my husband, Peter McDonald, made for our daughter's wedding in February 2010.  On Sunday, May 29th, her sister-in-law used it for her wedding, also in NYC.  This time it had more decorations and it looked absolutely beautiful!  It will next be making an appearance on December 3rd for a friend's wedding in New Jersey!  So thanks again for providing the beautiful bamboo!
Bamboo is strong and sturdy and makes long-lasting beautiful structures
A marriage begins beneath a Beautiful Bamboo chuppah!


  1. Wonderful idea! We had a couple come into our bamboo goods store looking for wedding gifts such as salad bowls etc, and they mentioned that they wished they could also build an arbor for their outdoor reception. I'll direct them to your post!

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Bambu Batu. We appreciate all referrals and links to our site!