A customer shares photos of Angel Mist and Giant Timber Clumping Bamboos

A customer who bought bamboos from us three years ago returned to pick up four more plants this morning.  A few hours later, I received this email from her:

Hi, Sherry,
Many thanks for all your time this morning, walking me round the various specimens and for all your sage advice on which bamboo to choose. 

I'm attaching a few pictures I just snapped for you to show you my existing Giant Timber and Angel Mist bamboos. Not a bare cane in sight!

 Two Giant Timber bamboos - photo taken when they were 2 years old.  When they were first planted, both plants only had 1-3 canes and were just about as tall as the fence.

I have to say that I never thought I'd pay such so much money for such small plants, but what one is actually buying, of course, is the potential and the fun of watching them grow. 

When we first bought the Angel Mist about three years ago, I think it was, the children and I had so much fun walking up to the end of the garden every day to see how many new canes had emerged, what diameter they'd be, and how much they'd grown overnight. The second year I gave up looking - I couldn't keep up!                                
 Angel Mist
When my husband first mentioned wanting bamboos in the garden a few years ago I was rather ambivalent to the idea, but now I'm a devotee! Thank you for your wonderful showcase, which makes it so much easier to understand the differences between the different types available. I want a grove of that Vivax one day and when we do move I just might have to get a Ying-Yang to go with me!

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  1. Angel Mist are so graceful. We like the way their leaves "flutter" in the breeze. Here in the Tampa area, we lost both of our Angel Mists during last winter's extended freeze. However, we still have our Hamiltonii to watch in the evening breezes. It flutters just as well as the Angel Mist.