Cedar waxwings perch on bamboo

I was helping customers in the nursery yesterday afternoon when a sudden noise caught my attention.  I turned toward the loud thud to see what it was and noticed about 200 cedar waxwings perched on the bare canes on top of a stand of cold-damaged Angel Mist bamboo.  The noise came from the birds' wings as they rose in unison from a nearby mulberry tree to perch on the bamboo.  Cedar waxwings are social birds that travel in flocks from one feeding source to another.  They annually visit our property where we have many fruit trees covered with yummy berries.  The birds like to perch on nearby branches - in this case on the bamboo canes - in between their berry-devouring feasts.  We don't get many berries because of the birds but it is hard to stay angry at such beautiful looking creatures.

Above:  Waxwings enjoy a mulberry feast
Below:  A flock of waxwings perch on the bare branches of a cold-damaged Angel Mist in between feeding frenzies

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