Catbird in the bamboo nursery

The other day I was helping a customer select a number of Alphonse karr bamboos in the nursery when a pretty gray catbird fluttered by. The surprisingly bold bird was not bothered by my presence and let me shoot several pictures before he (she?) decided to fly off to another, less peopled spot.

So many times customers ask if wildlife is attracted to the bamboos and I always answer, "Yes!"  

While all sorts of wildlife are attracted to bamboos, birds are probably the ones I see the most often.  I can't count the number of different bird species attracted to our bamboo.   

Birds are constantly flitting in and out of the branches, building nests in the middle of thick clumps and, in general, enjoying the safety and security provided by both large and small bamboo plantings.  This particular catbird was especially friendly and reminded me how glad I was to always have my camera with me when I head out to help a customer.

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