Arrow running bamboo

Below are several photos of Arrow running bamboo (Pseudosasa japonica) in 3-gal and 7-gal containers.

Arrow is unique among running bamboos because it tends to combine features of a running bamboo with those of a clumping variety. A cluster of canes will grow together and then a few feet away more clusters will appear. Another unique characteristic of Arrow is the way this bamboo's large leaves appear only on the upper third of the plant. Very tropical looking, Arrow does well in large containers. Although it likes sun, Arrow also thrives in shady locations. 

As you can see from the pictures, the bamboos are bursting out of the plastic pots.  Once planted, the runners will take off and send up multiple new shoots.

 Above and below:  3-gal Arrow
Below:  7-gal Arrow
Below:  7-gal Arrow
 Another close up shot of all the canes in the 7-gal Arrow.
The photo below shows a hedge of Arrow bamboo at our nursery.

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