Customers Share Bamboo Project Photos

Bamboo poles are frequently used to build wedding arches, trellises and tiki huts but that's not all they're good for. Below are a few of the many creations built by our customers. If you have a bamboo creation you'd like to share, email me a few pictures and description of your project and I'll add it to the blog.

Beautiful Bamboo customer Robert Peterson emailed three photos of his recent bamboo projects.  In the below two pictures, he used half-round 2" bamboo poles to trim both an exterior and interior door.  


Peterson also used half-rounds together with smaller diameter poles to create a tropical looking wainscoting. 


Nadine from Custom Costumes & Entertainment Productions in Rhode Island used our homegrown bamboo poles to create an unusual promotional display:

Thanks again for you help in making this happen.. It was a big hit the car show.. It seems people still love Planet of the Apes.. As much as we do..

Natalia, an orchid-loving customer from Wesley Chaple, FL, used bamboo as a base for her plants:

For mounting orchids I drilled the poles and put 16 gauge galvanized wire. I formed hooks by myself. Then I used thread (cotton) to fix orchid moss and coconut fibers. That was it. As you see, this is a very simple construction.

Dave Schmid, carpentry foreman for the Freeman Company, emailed photos of a booth commissioned by Tata Consultancy Services that included a number of our freshly cut bamboo poles:

Amelia Island customers, Chris and Dick Modie, emailed to say:

We thought you would like to see our handy work!! The live bamboo is doing great too.

Below are photos of the beautiful outdoor shade room Dick and Chris constructed from a combination of bamboo poles, 1/2" diameter bamboo roll fencing and reed fencing.

Two views of the shade room as viewed from the front.

The roof was made out of two different lengths of 1/2" bamboo roll fencing (4' x 6' and 4' x 8') supported by a framework of 2" and 3" diameter poles.

The end view showcases the reed fencing stretched and supported by 2" and 3" diameter bamboo poles.

Another customer, Fred Partin writes:

I thought you would like to see how we used your bamboo (2" half rounds) to go with our new Chinese chairs in living room.

David Marshak constructed a wedding chuppah out of 3" uprights and 2" horizontal poles:

Greg Lorentz built this tiki-style bar for his deck:

Michael Ryan creates beautiful cases out of bamboo to hold his handmade seashell flutes. Learn more at his website Seashell Music

This is an upstairs room in our house where we've covered a knee wall with reed fencing and trimmed it out with 2" half-rounds.


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