How fast does bamboo grow?

People are always asking us how quickly bamboo grows. Below are photos sent from customers in the Orlando area whose objective was to create a perimeter privacy barrier in front of existing fences. See for yourself how quickly a landscape can change less than a year after planting bamboo.

Green Hedge clumping bamboo (3-gallon size) planted 4' apart in May 2008.

11 months later...where did that fence go?

Same property - another location. Same type of bamboo, same size container planted the same distance apart.

11 months later - after only one growing season - the white fence is beginning to disappear behind a screen of green bamboo.


  1. If I cut a bamboo, It will grow up another in the same place?
    I have a few bamboo and I would like to cut some to make crafts. But I do not want to lose my bamboo garden.
    Thank you

  2. once bamboo is cut, that particular cane will not grow anymore but new canes will appear around the perimeter of the existing canes during the following growing season.